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Chauncey Billups Questions Refs, Praises Blazers Play

The coach wasn’t all frowns after the Blazers loss, but he has some questions.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Portland Trail Blazers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers were defeated in controversial fashion by the Oklahoma City Thunder 111-109 on Tuesday. Head coach Chauncey Billups was ejected after appearing to call for a timeout before a late turnover. The timeout was not granted by the referees, and the Thunder were able to come away with the win. Billups sat down with the media after the game to discuss the outcome.

You can see the whole video here or in the embed below. Some key quotes from the media availability are below.

On the timeout not being called at the end of the game:

It was just a tough situation. I mean, we got timeouts. Referees are usually prepared for that, that instance, that situation. I’m at half court trying to call a timeout, you know. It's just a frustrating play. My guys play too hard for that, you know, it’s just a frustrating play.

On the performance today from the Blazers:

My guys played amazing. They took the challenge. Came in here, saying all day that we need to go demand some respect based on the way we’ve played against this team. They blew us out by 62 a week and a half ago, and we said listen, either we’re gonna roll or we’re gonna get rolled on. And our guys, they rolled today.

They played really good, they shared the ball. Defensively, I thought we did a really good job. We made them earn everything today, and I was proud of my team.

On the final play call:

I thought it was great. I thought Jonah Herscu, my assistant coach, drew up a great play. Malcolm [Brogdon] just kinda under-threw [Deandre Ayton]. But, man, we got a great look on it. Guys executed it very well. I mean that’s a tough, tough pass for a point guard to make with a seven-foot guy in Chet [Holmgren] all over the ball, so I thought it was great.

On Scoot Henderson’s play off the bench:

Scoot was great off of the bench. Came and brought us a lot of life, you know. Brought us that energy that he usually does. His pace was incredible, attacking that basket was incredible. That’s just kinda who he is, so he brought exactly what we needed him to bring today.