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Chauncey Billups Pleased with Blazers’ Execution vs. Pacers

The coach liked the way his team attacked Indiana.

Brooklyn Nets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers got their second straight win on Friday night, defeating the Indiana Pacers 118-115. The game came down the the final quarter, but massive contributions from Jerami Grant, who scored 37 points, and Malcolm Brogdon, who scored a season-high 30 points, helped seal the game for Portland. After the game, head coach Chauncey Billups sat down to discuss the win with the media.

The full video can be found here or in the embed below. Here are some of the key quotes from Billups.

On executing the game plan:

It’s a difficult team to play against, it really is. With their pace in half court is as deadly as anybody’s, their shot making is very dangerous. I think I would say our game plan discipline stood out for me. We felt like the success we had against them there, if we could guard them in the first ten seconds of the shot clock and be disciplined and get back and load up then we’d have a great chance in the game. 68% of their possessions we got back and guarded those first ten seconds which was a big deal.

We wanted to attack the paint, attack, attack, attack. I just always believe that when you get to the free throw line its a good way to slow a fast team down. We did that. We shot 31 free throws there the first time, shot 35 today.

On Scoot Henderson’s injury:

I was just so happy it wasn’t a concussion. Hopefully he’ll start feeling better.

On Jerami Grant and Jabari Walker complementing each other in the starting lineup:

I think they compliment each other’s games very well. Obviously we know ‘Bari [Jabari Walker] is a great rebounder. So he’s going to be in there, he’s got a great knack for that basketball. I think it takes a little pressure off Jerami [Grant], you know, because Jerami is not a great rebounder. But he’s so great at so many other things, so to have that guy compliment him in that way.

On the lack of 3-point shots in the win:

I looked at that and said ‘if you told me we’d go 4-12 in this game and they make 20 threes and shoot 47, I’d say man we may get beat 30.’ But if you look at the points in the paint, we have 66. And I also kinda count free throws as points in the paint, 30 that’s 96. That’s a way of slowing that down.

I’m not surprised at all that they made 20 threes, that’s kinda what they do. I told our guys, we can’t be deflated when they make shots, they’re gonna make shots. Just get it and go, get it and go. Just run it back down the court, try to get to the paint and make a play.

The Blazers will face the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night with a 7:00 PM, Pacific start.