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Blazers Podcasts

Blazer's Edge podcasts: Hours of Rip City listening pleasure

[Podcast] Previewing the Rockets With Brit Robotista

Brit Robotista joins the WHAT podcast to answer some of our burning questions about the Rockets.

How will Rebounds and Assists Distribute for the Blazers?

Tara and Cassidy pick out which stats they will be watching this season: how will rebounds and assists be distributed? How often will CJ McCollum drive to the hoop? Plus, we start the Trail Blazers’ 2020 Season playlist!

Would you rather: Lillard wins MVP or Stotts wins COY?

Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest joins the WHAT podcast to debate burning questions about the Blazers and upcoming season.

Kevin Love, Team Building and Thinking Basketball

Why the full-court press to bring Kevin Love to Portland just might work, plus listener questions and an interview with Ben Taylor about his book, Thinking Basketball.

[Podcast] Will the Trail Blazers get more dunks next season?

Adrian Bernecich joins the weekly podcast to talk about basketball in Australia and speculate about some of next year’s key metrics.

[Podcast] Off Season Review: Offense Over Defense

Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights comes on the podcast to discuss how the Trail Blazers approached their summer.

WHAT: An NBA Summer Vacation Special with Katie Heindl

Katie Heindl of NBA Summer Vacation Watch stops by to talk about how the Trail Blazers stack up among all the other vacationing NBA players.

What is more important, offense or defense?

Steve Jones Jr. joins the weekly podcast to discuss the evolution of the big man, the future of the mid range game, and how the new players can make Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum’s jobs easier.

WHAT Would You Do With $100 Million?

The WHAT podcast does a deep dive on the newest Trail Blazer personalities.

Mirin Fader on Nassir Little (And More)

Mirin Fader of Bleacher Report joins the WHAT podcast to talk about Nassir Little, Blazers nemesis Bill Laimbeer and a whole lot of great stories in between.

Shifting Lineups, Shifting Roles

Where will the assists come from next season? Tara and Dan take a look at shifting roles for young Trail Blazers. We also talk to Daniel Hardee of Golden State of Mind about the new-look Warriors.

Whiteside is a Trail Blazer, Now What?

On a special edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast we react to the additions of Hassan Whiteside, Mario Hezonja and Anthony Tolliver to the Trail Blazers’ roster.

Terms to Know for the Blazers’ Offseason, NBA Awards Recap

Friend of the show @BritRobotista joins the WHAT podcast to talk about some of the key concepts of NBA free agency.

Setting a Baseline for the Trail Blazer’s Off Season

Eric Griffith joined the weekly podcast to talk about the newest Trail Blazer Nassir Little, and what we might consider reasonable expectations for the Portland Trail Blazer’s off season.

Writer Sharon Brown on Supporting Women of Color in Sports Media

Freelance writer and founding editor of All Heart in Hoop City talks about some of her favorite stories she has covered including her latest piece featuring the Trail Blazer’s Amara Baptist.

Stars to Retention: Offseason Options for the Blazers

Mike Richman of NBC Sports Northwest and the Locked on Podcast joins Tara and Dan to discuss various scenarios for the Trail Blazers’ offseason.

KOIN’s AJ McCord Discusses the Blazers’ Place in Local Media

KOIN Television sports reporter AJ McCord joins the WHAT podcast to talk about covering the Trail Blazers in a remarkable season.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Talks Blazers, Support for Kanter

The Trail Blazers’ wild Game 3 called for a special episode of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast. Dave Deckard and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden stop by to talk Portland basketball.

Filmmaker Kat Jayme Discusses Meeting Her Basketball Idol, Bryant Reeves.

The Hoops and Talks podcast welcomed documentary filmmaker Kat Jayme to discuss growing up a baskeball fan and her journey to find Bryant "Big Country" Reeves.

WHAT NBA Awards: Vicious Fan Chant, Most Average Player & More

Blazers Outsider Alex Haigh joins the Women’s Hoops And Talks podcast to give out their unique NBA awards.

Jennifer Williams Discusses Being the Person Behind ‘I’m Trying Jennifer’

Tara and Cassidy talked to Jennifer "I’m trying Jennifer" Williams, whose tweet sparked an internet meme that kept Trail Blazers fans entertained all season long.

[Podcast] Will the Blazers dominate on the road, too?

With two home games in the books, the Trail Blazers are playing well on both ends. What are the keys to keeping it up on the road?

Greg Anthony Gives Portland the Edge in First Round Series

Former Portland guard and TNT and NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony joins the podcast, says "I’d give the edge to Portland" in the first round series playoff.

[WHAT Podcast] Preparing for the Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets Matchup

Tara and Cassidy talked to Kayla Osby of to learn more about the Denver Nuggets, catch up on former Trail Blazers Will Barton and Mason Plumlee, and find out how to beat the team in second place in the West.

[Podcast] Present and future of the center position in the NBA with Adam Mares

The Trail Blazers will take on the Denver Nuggets twice this week. What can we learn about the future of the NBA centers from players like Nicola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic?

[Podcast] Tour of NBA Arenas with Amara Baptist

Amara Baptist, the woman behind Trail Blazers social media, joins the Women’s Hoops And Talks (W.H.A.T.) podcast to talk about being on the road.

[Podcast] How will the Trail Blazers adjust without CJ McCollum

Dave Deckard joined the Blazers Edge podcast to discuss how the Trail Blazers might cope while CJ McCollum recovers from a strained muscle in his knee.

[Podcast] How will Terry Stotts Redistribute Minutes with Kanter in the Lineup?

Damian Lillard’s outstanding performance at the All Star Game, Zach Collins getting into the Warriors’ heads and what Enes Kanter brings to the Trail Blazers.

Talking Locker Room Chemistry with KOIN 6 Reporter AJ McCord

Tara and Cassidy talked with former-athlete-turned-sports-reporter AJ McCord about growing up in a competitive family and what it is like covering the Portland Trail Blazers.

[Podcast] WHAT about Basketball Stats?

Tara and Cassidy talk to Raptors fan and analytics enthusiast Anna Jane Smith about what you can learn from basketball statistics.

[WHAT Podcast] Checking in with friends around the league

Tara and Cassidy talk to Sabreena Merchant from Clips Nation and Silver Screen and Roll, and Jannelle Moore from Golden State of Mind.

[Podcast] WHAT About Kawhi?

Women’s Hoops And Talks podcast reaches out to Kelsea O’Brian in Toronto to find out: what are the expectations for Kawhi Leonard?