Does anyone still look at fanshots? All these player podcasts reveal some real interesting info


@ 31:00+ Chandler talks about his free agency leaving Dallas and how Portland courted him BUT what’s most interesting is that he talks about how and why he chose Memphis over us. Basically, our front office wanted him to do a physical before we signed him and Memphis did not. We dodged a bullet. This guy was a swindler.

JJ Reddick podcast w/ Draymond


I feel like all fans should listen to this podcast. I think they touch on some really inciteful points about players priorities/mentalities, high IQ basketball and so forth. Really reaffirms that todays game has changed so much you have to play with far more than just talent alone.

Jalen Suggs is a BIG Dame fan


He came and worked out in Portland with Dame and he's like the proverbial kid at Christmas talking about it.

Harry Mack shouts out Dame


In case there are any Harry Mack fans out there (freestyle rapper), he shouts out Same in his latest YouTube video. Rap starts at about 12:45.

A video I made for Nurk, thank you Bosnian Beast


Nurk is the man, when hes ballin' we're all ballin'

Obligatory "Capitol City" Embed


This needs no explanation, I hope.

Dame sampled on new J. Cole album


Dame's legendary post-game interview last year from the Bubble gets sampled on the new J. Cole track "p u n c h i n ' . t h e . c l o c k" from his new album The Off-Season.

JJ Reddick one hour podcast interview with Dame


Title says it all. I don't know why this isn't posted yet on the Ringer, but it's here on Reddick's own channel in its entirety. There's some good stuff here.

7 "Prototype" Players


Includes a piece about Brandon Roy and Damian Lillard

Why Rudy Gobert Is A DPOY, And Hassan Whiteside Is Not


Let me just say, there is no question we rely heavily on Hassan but this will show you why he isn't particularly great beyond the stats. For those that suggest he's better than Nurk, you guys need to just stop.