Can anyone tell me the exact date of this image?


I think I've narrowed it down to January 13, 1976 or December 9, 1977 based on several factors like Bill's hair, Boston roster, box score on the road at Boston. I'm getting a signed photo of it and want to know for sure. I'm leaning towards '77 because Lionel Hollins was a starter that year. An he only played 8 mins in the '76 game off the bench in what I'm assumed was garbage time. Anyone know for sure? Getty Images is vague.

Proposed Blazers hand gesture


Hey Blazers fans, what do you think of this?

Watch the end with friends


Dame Time


Damian Lillard Illustration.

Looky here!


Ever think you’d see that kind of line for a game with the LeBrons?

Identify Autograph


need help to identify autograph. you guys have been helpful before. any ideas?

We beed to bench Meyers


Allen Crabbe needs more minutes and we can slide Turner or Moe to play the 4 with Meyers out of the lineup. We have too many guys in the roation and he shoots bricks when he is wide open. I think the stretch 5 only works with a knock-down shooter and in a highly talented veteran lineup like in Cleveland. Remember our team got better last year when Meyers was out.

Rare Player Exclusive LaMarcus Aldridge Shoes


RARE LaMarcus Aldridge Player Owned Exclusive NBA shoes. Brand new never used. Portland Trailblazer era. Size 17 The box that these shoes were donated to us in contains a shipping label from the Portland Trailblazers organization to LaMarcus Aldridge home in Texas. The individual that donated these and many other shoes stated that these were no longer needed as he now plays for the Spurs and was told to donate all of his old shoes to Goodwill. Each shoe contains "L-Smooth" which is his nickname and will not be found on other shoes. The shoes are marked as promo samples. The shoes come with a extra pair a laces.