Sheridan: NBA Considers Adding 3rd Round To Draft?

Chris Sheridan of (previously of and the Associated Press) reports that the NBA is considering some major changes to its annual draft. -------------------------------- has learned that NBA owners have proposed adding a third round to the annual draft, a proposal that the players’ union has countered by offering an array of changes to the draft that would help address the owners’ desire for more competitive balance. According to sources involved in the league’s collective bargaining discussions, the union has proposed various changes to the draft. Under one proposal, the 15 teams with the worst records would continue to pick 1st through 15th, but then would also have the 16th through 30th picks. The teams with the top 15 records would have the first 15 picks of the second round, then would have the 44th through 60th picks, too. Under this proposal, the Chicago Bulls (whose 62-20 record was the league’s best last season) would have the 45th and 60th picks instead of the 30th and 60th picks. The Minnesota Timberwolves, who had the NBA’s worst record (17-65), would have their lottery pick and the 16th pick, but would no longer have the first pick of the second round — No. 31 overall. -------------------------------- The Portland Trail Blazers would be among the teams most adversely affected in the short term by the implementation of this reported re-shuffled system. Rather than picking No. 21 and No. 51 in the 2011 NBA Draft, for example, they would have selected No. 36 and No. 51. Teams that sneak into the playoffs would get it the worst; teams that just miss the playoffs would get it the best. There would definitely be the possibility for some serious tanking if this setup was adopted. Let's say, hypothetically, the Blazers were jockeying with the Golden State Warriors for the No. 8 and No. 9 seeds next season. If the Blazers finished with a better record, their reward is a first round date with the Los Angeles Lakers and the No. 31 and 46 picks. If they finished with a worse record, they would receive the No. 14 (potentially with a lottery opportunity to move up?) and the No. 29 picks. That's a significant difference in access to talent. As for a third round of the draft, there aren't 90 NBA-ready prospects each year. If an extra round gets added, it's to bolster the D-League's talent pool or to make it less burdensome for teams to acquire the rights to international players. So many teams already don't really care about the second round of the draft that it's difficult -- at least at first glance -- to envision a third round. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Blazers, Lakers Dominate NBA Lockout Indiscretion Power Rankings


With Labor Day now come and gone, it feels like I spent half my summer writing up news items on NBA players --current and former -- getting in trouble with the law in serious and non-serious ways. I compiled a list of the various indiscretions that occurred since the NBA lockout went into effect on July 1 and found that former members of the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers kept popping up. Former Blazers on the list: Derek Anderson Darius Miles and Zach Randolph. Current or former Lakers listed: Andrew Bynum, Shaquille O'Neal, Matt Barnes, Samaki Walker, Jay Vincent and Javaris Crittenton. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Begley: Armon Johnson To Play In Las Vegas "Lockout League"


Reports about a "Lockout League" to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, have floated out over the last few weeks. Ian Begley of reports that Portland Trail Blazers point guard Armon Johnson will participate in the league -- along with dozens of other NBA players -- in games run and coordinated by Impact Training. Johnson played his high school ball in Reno and college at Nevada. He averaged 2.9 points and 2.1 assists in 7.3 minutes per game in 38 appearances for the Blazers as a rookie. He also spent time with the D-League's Idaho Stampede. Online video streaming of the games will reportedly be available. For more details on the league, click here. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

France - Eurobasket 2011 - 2nd Round Games - Streamed Free on

  1. vs. Turkey - Wednesday, Sep. 7th, 8:00am PST
  2. vs. Lithuania - Friday, Sep 9th, 11:00am PST
  3. vs. Spain - Sunday, Sep 11th, 8:00am PST

My tribute to Brandon Roy's heroics in game 4. I Know I'm kinda late, just wanted to see what my...


My tribute to Brandon Roy's heroics in game 4. I Know I'm kinda late, just wanted to see what my fellow Blazers fans thought. Check it out, thanks.

UPDATED: NBA/Union met for 5+ hours Wednesday; agree to meet again Thursday


NOTE: The link has been updated to reflect Wednesday's news Once again, the two sides wouldn't say anything about what they had discussed, but the fact that they are committed to meeting again bodes well! Today's best quote: "Hunter, who long held a pessimistic view of the negotiations, said he thought clearly "there's more than enough time" for a deal to be reached that would allow this season's schedule to remain intact."

Nic Batum slam v Great Britain


This is a nasty dunk by Nic Batum i found over at GetBangedOn

Haynes: Blazers G Raymond Felton Won't Take Year Off

Chris Haynes of writes that new Portland Trail Blazers point guard Raymond Felton is "extremely excited" for the upcoming season and that his agent, Colin Bryant, says Felton will be playing somewhere. --------------------- "Raymond is a natural born leader who plays with a chip on his shoulder every night and this should bode well for Portland." ... "He will not sit out a full year of basketball," Bryant said. "He loves the game too much to take a full season off." --------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Batum Goes Off, Injures Head As France Beats Serbia In EuroBasket


Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum and France defeated Serbia in overtime, 97-96, in their fifth EuroBasket Group B game in Lithuania on Monday. The win gives France the No. 1 seed in Group B with a record of 5-0; Their win over Italy on Sunday had already assured their advancement to the next round of the tournament. France finishes the group play round as one of only two teams -- along with Russia -- to remain undefeated. Here's a boxscore. Here's video of a nifty Batum dunk off a cut and hand off via YouTube user nbainfos. Batum had his head bashed on the floor during the second half and wound up wearing a fairly dramatic head wrap when he returned to the court. Picture courtesy of Sebastian Pruiti of quotes Batum talking about playing through the pain. ----------------------------- Serbia's Milos Teodosic reached in and was called for an unsportsmanlike foul on Nicolas Batum. It was Teodosic's fifth foul and he exited the game but Batum, who had to wear a head dressing over an open cut beside his right eye after a nasty fall, missed both free-throws. ... Neither side was short of heroes in this spectacular game, with Nicolas Batum scoring 18 points on some of the most explosive moves ever seen at a EuroBasket. In another game, Batum might have come out because he needed stitches. "I said, 'No stitches during the game,' Batum said. "I don't want to come out this game." ----------------------------- Batum finished with 18 points, five rebounds, two assists, four steals and two blocks in 40 minutes on 7-for-12 shooting. San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker bounced back from a thigh injury to lead France with 24 points, two assists and six steals. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter