Jusuf Nurkic Preseason 2017


Enjoy the Nurkic compilation.

Caleb Swanigan - Preseason 2017


The good, the bad & the ugly. Biggie's preseason experience (the games that were televised).

Zach Lowe predicts LMA and Wes traded this season


Which would you want back and what would you give up?

Meyers Leonard Preseason


See how Meyers does on offense and defense. Unfortunately not all the games were televised . . .

Jordan Says Super-teams Mean 28 "Garbage" Ones (One of Which He Owns)


Blah blah blah. You can't repeat how the Warriors formed. There are really strong arguments against the way the Cavs did things if you wanted to win multiple titles. The Heat won two titles, but weren't invincible. Ask the Mailman and the Glove how being a super-team went for them. People gotta stop crying about super-teams. Damn. This is Michael Jordan, right? The Platonic definition of a basketball player who was also the sociopath who found a way to win at all costs? Jordan, of course, is spilling his guts to Cigar Aficionado. Next up is an interview with Gambling Aficionado, then one with Ugly Jeans Aficionado.

I don't even: Swanigan vs. Len feat. Meyers Leonard (?!)


Double Ts, double F2s. And Meyers heading into the melee directly.

Blazers vs Kings - Preseason Game #4 - Focus on the Rookies


Well, NBA Broadband deleted my last video so here's a truncated version of it. I think maybe my last video was too long. Let's see what happens.

Preseason Game 2 - Rookie Highlights


More of our rookie's highlights. I threw in a few other sweet plays as well.

LaMarcus/Pop heart2heart


No comment on this unsurprising tidbit.