Unknown autographs


Anyone recognize these autographs? Got a random box of blazer stuff and this was inside

WojBomb new 2way player to the blazers


We are getting Wade Baldwin. Who??

Blazers vs Suns - Blazers Highlights


Blazers vs Suns. Blazers highlights.

Crabbe doing Crabbe things...but not Pat things!!!


Crabbe, 27 mins, 12 points. Nice game...horrid defense on both sides (Pacers score 140???). +- of +4. BUT PCON though! Where or where could the Blazers POSSSIBLY come up with Crabbe's extra scoring??? I know I know, PCon prob won't do this much more often but hey, it was it is today.



Roof on Fire. by JONSON.

Gordon Hayward breaks leg first quarter season opener


Gordon Hayward goes up for alley oop and comes down and appears to break ankle and leg. Dont look up the video if you are faint of heart...

Collins - Preseason 2017


Zach Collins tearing it up.' Stat guy, John Schuhmann on the Trail Blazers.


Some interesting stats on the Blazers. Some of them are even still relevant. One is, "Only team that scored less than a point per possession in the playoffs". Of course Blazers are the only team who played only the Warriors in the playoffs.

LMA inks Extension with Spurs


Zach Lowe could not be reached for comment...

Jusuf Nurkic Preseason 2017


Enjoy the Nurkic compilation.