Bruski: Sacramento lines up offers in effort to keep Kings


Good story. Breaks down the entire situation with the Sea/Sac move, and why its a bad idea. If you havent read much about this, this is a good story to read,it has alot of information here. It has the history on the Sea to OKC move, the Maloof brothers and their bad business dealings, and more.

New Podcast - Teardrop Runners


Hello everyone, I'm just plugging my podcast, 'The Teardrop Runners' - we talk basketball mostly from a stats perspective. It's not Blazers specific, but I bring them up from time-to-time. Enjoy!

Beat the Heat II - Blazers vs Heat - YouTube


Another amazing video by our friend Brandon Mitchell from Pinwheel Empire. His skills have really improved and the views on some of his videos are ridiculously low. Lets support a great member of our blazer community and get some views up on these excellent videos. -- PortlandPhil

Proof Paul Allen doesn't have a time machine... "Under the Oxford Biomaterials wing, Vollrath's...


Proof Paul Allen doesn't have a time machine... "Under the Oxford Biomaterials wing, Vollrath's team has another project that makes meniscal implants by which they dissolve the silk in lithium bromide ('a really nasty chemical, the only thing that will touch it') and then firm it up. The result is incredibly strong and integrates much better potentially with the human body than any plastic. These meniscal products are currently in animal trials, Vollrath says, and, given favourable outcomes, could be in humans in a year or two. In the same way, they are working on hernia meshes and bone-like structures and investigating ways in which silks can be used as a targeted carrier for drugs in the body, 'tuned to slow release over weeks or months or years'."

My latest column for The Breakdown Show


Hey gang--I do a periodic piece on the Blazers for the national website The Breakdown Show, run out of Toronto by two Canadian hoops freaks. This is my latest, written just before that sweet Miami game. I post every couple of weeks, would love the feedback. Thanks!

Blazers shootaround: Defending LeBron James |


The final quote from Mathiews speaks volumes about what kind of a player and person he is.

I love this


Its so amazing that these kinds of articles are finding their way to the front page of silverscreenandroll.