Jail Blazers: the gift that keeps on giving


At least three former Blazers appear to have been involved in a fraud scheme.

Dame Rolling Stone interview; On Kanye, Rap, Activism +More


Damian Lillard on Why He Turned Down Kanye to Make His Own Album Instead

Blazers rumored offer for Ben Simmons


CJ + Covington + 2 FRPs. Morey has a little time left, to look for a better deal...

I really loved this interview with Webber...its much more than basketball


I was really impressed in how he spoke about failing and how he reacted to that and dealt with it. Inspiring stuff.

Stat-head humor: regression to the mean


...A literary take on what we all fear for guys playing hot.

Harry Mack shouts out Dame


In case there are any Harry Mack fans out there (freestyle rapper), he shouts out Same in his latest YouTube video. Rap starts at about 12:45.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: What the NBA Championship Means to Me


Kareem reflects on his 1971 win and looks through the lens of the 2021 Bucks' victory.

Gendered Violence Cases Challenge Sports Journalists


This is a comprehensive guide on how to write about such cases, but there are some tips on how to think about them as well.