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Remembering Our Favorite Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys With Designer Evanem

The Fanalysts and graphics/clothing designer Evan McCarthy break down their favorite eras of Trail Blazers fashion on this week’s podcast.

Tara and Jo are joined by Evan McCarthy, the artist and graphics and clothing designer behind, to talk all about the new Trail Blazers’ uniforms and remember uniforms of the past.

There are many nuances to the team’s new designs — Evan gets us up to speed on fonts, strokes, drop shadows, and some of the finer details that make the Trail Blazers uniforms some of the most unique in the NBA.

Our favorites are the white Rip City sleeveless jerseys and the 2012 Red alternates. Which are your favorites?

The direct .mp3 link of this week’s podcast is here.

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Things to look at while you listen

Evan has a special connection to the Trail Blazers, as an artist who has created commissioned work for the Blazer’s front office and the designer behind such popular designs as the “D.A.M.E. to keep coming up clutch” and “Digital Dame” t-shirts.

Which evanem should I rock for tonight's pre season game against the lakers? #evanem

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You can find pictures of many of the styles discussed in the gallery at the top of this page. We’ve also included a few more images below:

The 1977 championship uniforms in action against the Chicago Bulls.

The Blazers wore championship throwbacks several times in recent years, including 2009.

Lastly, a link to the picture of the 2014 starters finishing the season together at the scorer’s table — captured by the Oregonian’s Bruce Ely.

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