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The Fanalysts Podcast

Join Tara and Jo for a unique view into the world of the Blazers.

How High is Dame’s Ceiling?

Damian Lillard is a two-time All-Star for the Blazers. How can he improve even more heading into year six?

How Much Internal Development Do the Blazers Need?

The Blazer’s Edge Podcast examines how Portland can develop talent internally.

Discussing Our Favorite Blazers’ Jerseys

This week on the FANalysts, Tara welcomes Jo back to the podcast, and they are joined by designer Evan McCarthy to discuss the newly-released Blazers jerseys and reminisce about some classic versions.

Filling an Allen Crabbe-Sized Hole on the Roster

What is the next move for the Trail Blazers now that Allen Crabbe has been traded?

Fallout from the Allen Crabbe Trade

Allen Crabbe is a Brooklyn Net and what do the Trail Blazers have to show for it? Tune in to learn more about the trade details and what the Blazers have to work with for the rest of the season.

Rookie Forwards and Aldridge Rumors

Tara and Jo reunite on the Blazer’s Edge FANalysts Podcast to talk about the newest Trail Blazers, Zach Collins and Caleb Swanigan, as well as rumors around LaMarcus Aldridge’s possible return.

What are the Blazers’ Options for the Draft?

Eric Griffith joins Tara to unpack the rules around draft picks. What can the Trail Blazers actually do with three first round draft picks? Salary dumps, the Stepien rule and draft-and-stash, we dig into the rules fans will want to understand when the rumors start to fly leading up to the 2017 draft.

Reflections on a Pro Career Overseas

Blazer’s Edge FANalyst Team Mom talks with Brian Freeman about his college basketball career and 8 years in the European Leagues.

Blazers 2017-18 Wish List

Find out what new skills, roles and strategies the FANalysts are wishing for each of the Portland Trail Blazers next season. #MoeDunks!

Answering playoff questions with the FANalysts

Dan Marang joins Team Mom to answer questions about Games 1 & 2 of the 2017 NBA Playoffs, namely: What just happened?

Playoff Preview with Erik Garcia Gundersen

The FANalysts chat with Locked on Blazers’ Erik Garcia Gundersen about playoff basketball.

Dane Carbaugh on the post-All Star Blazers

Friendly neighborhood sportswriter Dane Carbaugh joins Tara on the latest FANalyst podcast. They explore whether Jusuf Nurkic's production is sustainable and how it impacts Noah Vonleh's play of late.

Welcome to Nurklandia

The FANalysts are back! Jo has been out of the country so Tara gets her all caught up on what’s been happening with the Blazers and around the NBA.

Who Should The Blazers Draft With Three Picks?

Tara and Ashley join forces to break down the Blazers-Celtics game and how the Blazers looked without Evan Turner in the lineup. They talk about the upcoming All-Star weekend and take a first look at potential Blazers 2017 NBA draft targets.

The Meyers Leonard Ed Davis Conundrum

The FANalysts are back on the Blazer’s Edge Podcast to talk Meyers Leonard and Ed Davis.

New Year, New Trail Blazers?

Jo, Tara and Ashley welcome the new year with a round of "Would You Rather?" asking questions related to the Portland Trail Blazers, plus Evan Turner, Moe Harkless, CJ McCollum, Tilikum the Orca whale and more.

The Les Schwab Invitational Tournament

Learn about which players, teams and coaches to watch for at this year’s Les Schwab Tournament, taking place this week in Hillsboro, OR.

Which Newly-Signed Free Agents Will Be Traded?

Jo and Tara reflect on the first half of the season and how it has or has not met fan expectations. We consider what other franchises are going through now, like Sacramento and Brooklyn. Then we talk trade talk--is it useful to speculate? How do we know what rumors to believe?

Dame vs. Harden With Ashley Williams

Blazer’s Edge video reporter Ashley Williams joins the FANalysts to talk about Blazers, prep sports, and college athletics.

Why do the Blazers Struggle With Rebounding?

The FANalysts invite Blazer’s Edge contributor Eric Griffith to open his heart and spill his guts and talk about everything he loves about the Trail Blazers and the NBA. We discuss the latest games, if the Blazer’s really have a bench problem and try to figure out what ever happened to rebounding?

Who Will Win the NW Division?

The FANalysts are joined by Dustin and Sage from the Holy Backboard podcast to break down the Northwest Division. Find out what we are looking for and what we think the Blazers can do to come out on top of one of the most exciting divisions in the Association.

What's Your Favorite Blazers Song?

The Fanalysts invite Blazer's Edge Managing Editor Dave Deckard on the podcast to talk about his long history following and covering the Portland Trail Blazers, his thoughts on the upcoming season & more!

Talking Old-School Blazers & Portland Wrestling

Rich Patterson, Radio Network Producer for the Portland Trail Blazers, stops by the FANalyst podcast to talk radio, Blazer history, Portland Wrestling, and more!

What About Meyers?

Join Jo and Tara on the Blazer's Edge Podcast as they wonder what will happen to Dame and CJ, while taking a deep dive into the life and times of Meyers Leonard.

Did the Trail Blazers Really Improve This Season?

The Fanalyst Edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast is back, and this week we break down the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Clippers Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs and ask, "Did the Blazers flourish under coach Terry Stotts this season?"

What the Heck, Refs?

Jo and Tara are back with their Fanalyst edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast. This week they discuss NBA officiating, Damian Lillard's need for rest, Brian Roberts' basketball history and more!

Can the Blazers Finish This Season on a High Note?

With 14 games left, is it too early to think about next year? Is it more important to go as far as they can into the playoffs or prepare for 2016-17? Tune in to this week's Blazer's Edge Podcast with Tara & Jo to hear that and more!

Damian Lillard vs. Anthony Davis

Jo and Tara are back to debate Dame vs. Davis, pile praise on the bench and talk about the interesting life and times of Gerald Henderson Jr.

Is This Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Tara and Jo take over the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast to debate the merits of the Trail Blazers' current hot streak, discuss Portland's need for a backup point guard, take the NBA All-Star quiz and more!

The Blazers versus The Four Factors of Basketball

Jo and Tara engage in a little statistical wizardry as they discuss how the Blazers are faring with their new roster.

How do Fans Influence the Game?

Tara and Jo return to the weekend edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast to discuss the nuances of fanhood, compare and contrast expectations, break down the recent individual play of a handful of Trail Blazers and much more!

The Blazers Need to Foul Smarter

In the latest edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast Tara and Jo talk about the Blazers fouling smarter, Mason Plumlee's potential, the Meyers Leonard Question, and much more.