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Blazer's Edge Podcast

Join Dave for a spin around the Blazers and the NBA as a whole.

What are the Crucial Steps That the Blazers Must Take to Keep Powell?

Unsurprisingly, Norman Powell is headed to free agency. Are the Trail Blazers still the favorite to sign him to his next deal?

Has the Clock Started On Dame’s Time with the Blazers?

Host Danny Marang analyzes what Damian Lillard’s most-recent comments could mean for the Trail Blazers’ future.

The Pressure Is On, Can the Blazers Pull Off A Big Trade?

The Church of Roy Podcast drops in to discuss the wild sequence of events that unfolded on Friday for the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard.

The Sadness of Zach Collins and Joys of Team USA

Dave and Dia talk about the Trail Blazers’ lost member, Lillard headed for gold, and more!

Is Melo’s Time with the Blazers Nearing its Conclusion?

This week’s episode of The Church of Roy looks at the two new coaches on the Trail Blazers’ coaching staff and what that could mean for veteran forward Carmelo Anthony.

WHAT About the Bubble?

Listen to a special edition of the WHAT Podcast, with Tara and Cassidy talking bubble Blazers, Gary Trent Jr, Damian Lillard, how LeBron might talk himself out of a championship and of course, a Disney Bubble Playlist. We’re getting all set for the NBA Playoffs!

Author Ian Johnson Stops by to talk Melo, Youth Sports & History

Tara interviews the author of The Bounce and the Echo: Dying to Love a Game author Ian Johnson about his years at Oak Hill Academy, Davidson College and in the European Basketball leagues.

WHAT Will Decide the 2020 Title Race?

Cassidy and Tara are back with two guests who are going to help them determine who will be the 2020 NBA Champion.

Amara Baptist Joins the WHAT Podcast

Trail Blazers Digital Content Manager Amara Baptist joins the WHAT podcast to talk NBA social media and give tips for the rest of us.

Brooke Olzendam Discusses Her Activities During the NBA’s Hiatus

Cassidy and Tara catch up with Trail Blazers’ sideline reporter Brooke Olzendam to share our favorite sports related books, movies, and television shows.

Jamie Hudson Talks Covering a Suspended NBA Season

The NBA is on hiatus but Jamie Hudson is not. Tara and Cassidy caught up with the NBC Sports Northwest reporter to find out what she is up to now that everything has changed.

Still Smiling From All-Star Weekend With Jo Wulffenstein

Old friend Jo Wulffenstein joined the podcast to compare notes about the season so far, All-Star Weekend, and how the Blazers will close out the season.

WHAT did Gary Trent Jr Say?

Alex Haigh, former Blazers Outsider and designer for Flagrant Magazine joins the Hoops And Talks podcast to discuss what did Gary Trent Jr say to make Donovan Mitchell so mad?

Discussing the Trade Deadline and the Blazers

How do we feel about Damian Lillard and Anfernee Simons both getting snubbed this week?

Trevor Ariza, the Washington Mystics and Jake Layman’s Hair with Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown, production assistant at ESPN and former writer for Washington Mystics joins the Women’s Hoops And Talks podcast to talk Trevor Ariza, WNBA and Jake Layman’s hair

We thought Kobe would live forever

Danny Marang and Tara Bowen-Biggs try to make sense of a tough weekend. We also talk about Damian Lillard’s stellar play and other players stepping up.

A Front Row Seat to Trail Blazers History

Kristen Kerbaugh, stage manager for Blazers Broadcasting, joins the Hoops And Talks podcast to talk about some of the biggest Blazer moments.

Now what? Analyzing the Bazemore-Tolliver Ariza Trade

Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver are on the move and Trevor Ariza will be a Blazer. Now what?

WHAT About an Ed Davis Reunion?

On the latest Women’s Hoops And Talks Podcast we talk about bringing Ed Davis back to Portland and sending Anfernee Simons to the dunk contest.

Can the Blazers Rebound?

Off to a tough start, can the Blazers rally to make the playoffs? Erik Gundersen joins the podcast to discuss if the team can rebound and if they are good at rebounding.

WHAT Blazer Moments Made Lasting Impressions?

The WHAT Podcast is back for the New Year. We try putting moments from the last decade into context and figure out why they were important.

Jamie Goldberg on transition from soccer to basketball

Jamie Goldberg, Oregonian reporter, covered soccer in Portland for six years and recently joined the Trail Blazers’ beat.

[Podcast] WHAT did we expect?

Tara and Cassidy discuss early season expectations and talk to Jannelle Moore of Golden State of Mind about what is going on with the Warriors.

[Podcast] Predicting Team Awards This Season

Tara, Cassidy and Lindsay discuss which players will stand out among their peers and then make wagers on who will be the "first to fifty."

First Impressions of the Newest Blazers with Brooke Olzendam

Brooke Olzendam joins the Women’s Hoops And Talks Podcast to share her impressions of the newest Trail Blazers.

WHAT have we learned about the Blazers so far?

The Blazers have entertained in preseason — have we learned anything about them?

Amanda Smith Talks Ed Davis, Utah Jazz, and Analyzing Basketball

Amanda Smith, broadcast assistant for the Utah Jazz joins the WHAT Podcast to talk about what it is like covering live games and what to expect from the Utah Jazz this season.

Who will be the biggest trash talker for the Trail Blazers this season?

Who is going to tap into their nasty streak and be the biggest bad boy on the team this season?

WHAT Is it Like Raising an NBA Player?

Tameka Simons, mother of Anfernee, joins the WHAT podcast to talk about their family’s journey to the NBA.

Which Blazer Will Seize the Season?

With turnover on the roster there is plenty of room for players to shine. Who will make the most of the opportunities presented this season?

[Podcast] Previewing the Rockets With Brit Robotista

Brit Robotista joins the WHAT podcast to answer some of our burning questions about the Rockets.

How will Rebounds and Assists Distribute for the Blazers?

Tara and Cassidy pick out which stats they will be watching this season: how will rebounds and assists be distributed? How often will CJ McCollum drive to the hoop? Plus, we start the Trail Blazers’ 2020 Season playlist!