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2024 Trade Deadline Isn’t the Only One Looming Over Portland

We need help urgently.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers Joseph Weiser-USA TODAY Sports

Blazer’s Edge Readers, we know the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline is hours away now, but we need your help urgently, like right now. Here’s the situation.

Our annual charity event, Blazer’s Edge Night, provides tickets for underprivileged kids in the Portland area to see the Blazers play live, in person, at the Moda Center. Each year we send a couple thousand youth, children, and adult leaders to a game. This year’s event happens March 13th, against the Atlanta Hawks. That’s about five weeks away now.

The process is two-pronged. We invite community leaders—teachers, counselors, coaches, principals—who work with under-served kids to write in and request tickets. We also invite you, our readers, to donate same so these kids can go on the night in question. The Blazers reserve blocks of tickets for this purpose. We buy them. They go into the pool.

The first prong—requests—is going great. We already have a couple thousand reservations. The second prong—donations—is lagging behind this year. And here’s the thing. At a certain point not long from now, the Blazers will open up those reserved tickets for general public purchase. That means, in essence, we lose them. That also means that the adults who are hoping to take their kids have to tell them no, they can’t go after all.

We have never failed to sell out our reserved sections. This year, I’m worried. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. We need your help.

Donating tickets is dead easy. You click through to this site that the Blazers have set up for this event. You select seats just as if you were buying them for yourself, then pay as you usually do. You’re buying them directly from the Blazers, not from us. No fuss or bother. But instead of going to your account, they go into the donation pool for the kids.

Tickets start at $12 and there are plenty of seats left at that level. Please...PLEASE can you help us and spread the word on social media by linking this post?

You have no idea what a huge difference this makes for our participants. Think back to the first game you ever went to live, then multiply that by 20, given the situation. The event inspires kids, gives adults a way to care for and reward them, and helps create the next generation of Blazers fans.

Please act now, donate now, and take this worry off of my heart, and off of the hearts of the adult leaders who are waiting for the ok to tell their kids. Each and every ticket matters. Buy one or more today, and be a part of something a couple thousand of our young friends and neighbors will never forget.

P.S. If you want to spread this post on your own social media accounts, create a GoFundMe for you and your friends to buy tickets, or anything like that, please feel free!