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Blazers February Schedule: Home Cooking, But Difficult Opponents

The Portland Trail Blazers face a challenging February.

Milwaukee Bucks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers begin their February schedule tonight on the road against the Denver Nuggets, the first of two consecutive games against the defending champions.

After they return from the Mile High City after Sunday’s game, the Blazers won’t have to leave Portland throughout the rest of the month. However, there will be some tough teams coming to try and spoil the Blazers home crowd.

According to the NBA, the Blazers have the fifth-toughest schedule in the month of February, with Portland’s opponents holding a .544 winning percentage. Only the Washington Wizards, Memphis Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets have tougher schedule strengths.

Before the All-Star Break, the Blazers will host the Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Pelicans and Minnesota Timberwolves twice. Then, after the break, the Blazers host the Nuggets, Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat.

All but two of Portland’s opponents this month have a winning record, but with a slew of home games, perhaps the Blazers can pile up a few wins.