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4 Questions About New Blazers Guard Dalano Banton

Dalano Banton was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers by the Boston Celtics.

New Orleans Pelicans v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers traded for Boston Celtics guard Dalano Banton just before time expired at last week’s NBA Trade Deadline.

To learn more about Banton, we spoke with Celtics Blog writer Adam Taylor.

Q: What were your initial thoughts when you saw that the Celtics had traded Dalano Banton?

I didn’t have many thoughts to be fair. Banton has struggled to find regular playing time for the Celtics this season. Being sent to a rebuilding team that could potentially find a role for him is a great opportunity. Hopefully, he can carve out some minutes in the rotation over there.

Q: What is the biggest strength and weakness about Banton’s game?

Scoring. Banton can run the pick-and-roll, and has great court-navigation. One of his strongest aspects is how he usually gets to his spots. However, he struggles with converting that navigation into points. It’s a real limiting factor for him.

Q: Do you think the Blazers overpaid for Banton by sending over a protected second-round pick?

A heavily protected pick for an oversized guard that has shown flashes of potential. I think it’s a fair price considering the work he needs to put in, and the patience the franchise will need to show with him.

Q: What is Banton’s ceiling with the Blazers? Is there a certain player he reminds you of?

He reminds me a little of modern-day Ben Simmons - not All-NBA Ben Simmons, let’s get that clear :) and we’re just talking about ceiling here - he is far away from being anywhere close to Simmons right now. Still, he has size, can pressure the rim, is a decent enough defender with great length and positional versatility. If he can bulk up and learn to finish through contact, while adding a reliable jumper, he could be a valuable 8-10th man in the rotation.

Editor’s Note: This article initially said Portland traded a protected first-round pick to acquire Banton from Boston. The article has been corrected to note Portland traded a protected second-round pick in the deal for Banton.