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How Do You Feel About Damian Lillard’s Return to Portland?

The Bucks visit the Trail Blazers tonight, bringing a big subplot to town.

Milwaukee Bucks v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

As the Portland Trail Blazers face the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, they and their fans will welcome returning point guard Damian Lillard. After spending 11 seasons in Portland—becoming the team’s leader in all-time scoring and several other statistical categories and the unquestioned face of the franchise—Lillard requested a trade in the Summer of 2023. The Blazers obliged, sending him to the Bucks in late September. This will be his first return to the Moda Center in another team’s uniform.

Today we’re asking how you feel about Lillard’s return. Portland fans will no doubt greet him with a standing ovation, the team with a tribute video. But what’s going on behind all that? Are you feeling sad? Resentful? Just happy to see him again? Now that we’ve had half a season to process and you’ve seen his replacements, how does the whole Dame Saga hit you?

Share in the comment section below as we await the start of the game at 7:00 PM, Pacific tonight!