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A Sad Day for the SBNation Family

Our network loses a bright light.

Orlando Magic v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The SBNation family lost one of its brightest voices today. Dave King—Managing Editor of Bright Side of the Sun, SBNation’s Phoenix Suns affiliate, for more than a decade—has passed away at the age of 56 after a battle with brain cancer. The site has a post up remembering Dave and his contributions to the industry.

Dave and I talked on numerous occasions, sometimes about our respective teams, also about “Bright Side Night”, Bright Side of the Sun’s version of Blazer’s Edge Night, where the site and the Suns helped send young people in need to see Phoenix Suns games once a year. Bright Side Night began in 2017 and continues strong to this day.

Dave was a wonderful writer and a fantastic person, inspiring those around him. Here’s how he is being remembered, in a snippet:

Dave King began covering the Phoenix Suns way back in the SportingNews blog days in 2008 and joined as staff writer for Bright Side of the Sun in the spring of 2010. He ascended to Managing Editor in 2012 and ran the site for 11 years before stepping back a bit to Deputy Editor in 2023. Creative writing has been a passion since grade school, and the Suns have been his passion since he moved to Phoenix in 1983, so you can imagine the euphoria of becoming a credentialed media member, writer and podcaster covering games in person for the last decade plus. Dreams really can come true. And not just Dave’s. Along the way, he’s used the Bright Side platform to help several contributing writers use the exposure to get full-time paid gigs in sports journalism and organized annual ‘Bright Side Night’ fundraisers, funded by our own readers, to send 20,000 (and counting) underprivileged kids to Suns games.

If you’d like to remember Dave, you’re welcome to click through to Bright Side via the link above and contribute to send kids to see the Suns. I don’t think he’d mind me saying that you can also do the same for young folks in the Portland area through our initiative. Either way, Blazer’s Edge offers condolences to Dave King’s family and the Bright Side of the Sun community today.

—Dave Deckard, Managing Editor, Blazer’s Edge