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NBA Defense, Including Blazers, at All-Time Worst

The Portland Trail Blazers are an average defensive team this season, but when stacked amongst all-time teams, they are one of the worst.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Through 32 games, the Portland Trail Blazers have a defensive rating of 116.0. This means that they allow 116 points for every 100 possessions they play.

The 116.0 rating from games played through Jan. 1 ranks 17th out of 30 teams in the NBA, which is pretty close to average.

However, defense in the NBA has been at an all-time low this season. Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey points out that 15 of the 30 worst teams in terms of points allowed per 100 possessions are playing this season.

At 122.0, the Charlotte Hornets hold the worst defensive rating of all-time. Of course, this is a result of offense improving and teams simply putting more energy on that side of the ball. However, the numbers should definitely be concerning.

As the offensive game has evolved, it has become far more complex to defend. But in order to win games in the NBA, defense is still king. Every NBA champion since 2013 has been in the top half of defensive teams in the league, and all but two of those have been in the top 10.

The Blazers have a lot to learn as a rebuilding team, but the sooner they improve on defense, the quicker they will be towards winning games more often.