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A Challenge for All Portland Trail Blazers Fans

Let’s make something good happen together.

Portland Trail Blazers v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

Hello, Portland Trail Blazers fans and Blazer’s Edge Readers! It’s Dave Deckard, the Managing Editor around here. I have a question and a challenge for all of you within the radius of my voice.

If you’ve been reading during the last week, you’re familiar with two posts.

The first is a request for help with Blazer’s Edge Night, the evening where we send a couple thousand kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to see the team play to the Moda Center. If you don’t know about this event, read up for sure! It’s a magical, amazing evening for the participants and their chaperones. It only happens once a year and it only happens when we donate tickets for our participants to pick up. The process is easy. Click through this link to find out how.

The second was a poll, asking how many of the Trail Blazers’ remaining 10 games in January they would actually win.

As I was sitting here today, I thought, “Why not combine the two?” So I’m putting out this challenge to all of you.

Here’s Portland’s schedule for the rest of the month:

  • Sunday, January 14th vs. Phoenix Suns (20-18) L 127-116
  • Wednesday, January 17th vs. Brooklyn Nets (16-22) W 105-103 1 ticket earned!!!
  • Friday, January 19th vs. Indiana Pacers (23-15) W 118-115 2 tickets earned!!!
  • Sunday, January 21st @ Los Angeles Lakers (19-20) L 134-110
  • Tuesday, January 23rd @ Oklahoma City Thunder (26-11) L 111-109
  • Wednesday, January 24th @ Houston Rockets (19-18) W 137-131 3 tickets earned!!!
  • Friday, January 26th @ San Antonio Spurs (7-30) L 116-100
  • Sunday, January 28th vs. Chicago Bulls (18-22) L 104-96
  • Monday, January 29th vs. Philadelphia 76ers (24-13) W 130-104 4 tickets earned!!!
  • Wednesday, January 31st vs. Milwaukee Bucks (26-12) W 119-116 FINAL TALLY 5 TICKETS!!!

I, personally, will commit to purchasing one ticket to Blazer’s Edge Night for every game the Blazers win the remainder of the month. If they go on a huge winning streak, I’m on the hook for 10! More likely, I’ll have to purchase...two? Three?

But here’s the thing, now I have another reason to root for the team to succeed. And the more of you who join me, the bigger that reason gets.

So I’m asking you, today, to pledge alongside me. Who else will put up a ticket for a kid to see the Blazers play for every win remaining in January? Let us know in the comments below. Recruit your friends and neighbors too, if you can.

We’ll mark this post with results as the month unfolds and cheer on the team together!

Again, click through the link above for a primer on the event if you don’t know what’s happening. Help me get those tickets allotted, and Go Blazers!!!