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Submit Questions for Blazers-Suns on Sunday!

Superstars are coming to town. What do you want to know?

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Tyler Ross/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers finally return home tomorrow after 1 -6 road trip that felt like 1-20. Portland lost by a combined 200 points to a half-dozen opponents, eking out a single win against the not-so-hot Brooklyn Nets in overtime. The scrapbook for the last two weeks is heading down the garbage disposal as the Blazers attempt to rewrite the story ahead.

Being home is the good news. The bad news: the Blazers face the Phoenix Suns at 6:00, Pacific on Sunday in their first game back. That is not an easy draw, especially for a struggling team.

What questions do you have about either the Blazers or the Suns for this upcoming game?

Reminder: It can be about either team so long as it has something to do with the game.

Leave your questions in the comments and we’ll pick a few to add to our preview, with proper credit of course.

The approximate cutoff time for this game is 7 p.m. Pacific on Saturday. That way we can have the preview ready for publishing early on each game day.

For an example of how the process turns out, take a look at the preview for la recent game against the Mavericks.

Thank you all in advance!