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Toronto Raptors Coach Eviscerates NBA, Referees

A loss to the Lakers hits hard.

Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Following a 132-131 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in which L.A. shot 23 fourth-quarter free throws, Toronto Raptors Head Coach Darko Rajakovic lit up the NBA and its referees. The Raptors shot just two free throws themselves in the final period of the single-point loss. As seen below, Rajakovic did not let the disparity pass without comment.

That’s outrageous. What happened tonight, this is completely BS. This is shame. Shame for the referees, shame for the league to allow this. 23 free throws for them? And we get 2 free throws in the fourth quarter. How to play the game.

I understand, respect for All Stars and all that. But we have star players on our team as well. How is it possible that Scottie Barnes, who is All-Star caliber player in this league, he goes every single time to the rim with force and tried to get to the rim without flopping and not trying to get foul calls, he gets two free throws for the whole game. How is that possible? How are you going to explain that to me? They had to win tonight? If that’s the case, just let us know so we don’t show up for the game. Just give them a win. But that was not fair tonight.

This is not happening first time for us. Scottie Barnes is going to be an All Star. He’s going to be the face of this league. And what’s happening here during the whole season, I’ve been holding back, it’s complete crap.

When asked if he got any explanation of foul calls, Rajakovic added:

No. No. There is no explanation. They just come up there, they review, and they see what they want to see. They don’t want to hear us...

And more...

Again, they got 36 free throws, 23 free throws in the fourth quarter. What are we talking about? What are we talking about? How are we supposed to play?

On what he tells his team...

It’s happening a lot, but I’m telling our guys, “Be professional. Keep fighting. Keep going for the next one.” But until when? For how long?

If you have not seen the video, Rajakovic’s intensity and candor are striking.

The Raptors currently hold a 15-22 record, 11th in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

The exact details of Rajakovic’s annual salary are not known, but odds are he will have lost a hefty portion of it when the league is done with him. RIP to that swanky summer vacation, coach. But we feel you.