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The Worst Mistake the Trail Blazers Ever Made

Register your opinion on the biggest bungle in franchise history.

Portland Trail Blazers v Washington Bullets Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Many NBA fans, including some homegrown, have been riding Portland Trail Blazers General Manager Joe Cronin for not building a strong enough team to keep franchise cornerstone Damian Lillard in the fold. Cronin might deserve criticism and he might not, but either way, it’s pretty sure than a Lillard trade wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to the Portland franchise over the last 52 years.

Or is it?

We usually avoid depressing topics around Blazer’s Edge, but what the heck. If you were to name the one (1) biggest bungle in franchise history, what would you name. You already know the major candidates. Do one of the two obvious NBA Draft snafus top your list, or do you have a sneaky, darkhorse alternate? Or is leaving Lillard mired in mediocrity the biggest offense ever for you?

Share your nomination and your thoughts in the comments below!