A small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a big pond?

Lillard's got his wish-to play on a contending team. I have to wonder if he's at all nervous about making this move. Could that in any way have contributed to his alleged request to stay with the Blazers? Granted, he's a dude that seems impervious to pressure. But, he was after all, for the most part playing for a team that wasn't very good and in a situation where he was very comfortable. Fans here loved him. I don't know anything about Bucks fans. I assume they're not as vicious as, say, Knicks fans. Nonetheless, there will be expectations for Lillard to perform at an all star level and help the Bucks win another title. The microscope will be on him more than it ever was in Portland. The Bucks traded Jrue H. for Lillard who I assume was a fan favorite. Expectations will be through the roof.