4 team trade nets Blazers Ayton & OG

Blazers out: Dame, Nurk

Blazers in: Ayton, Anunoby, Dick, McDaniels, Toronto 2026 FRP unprotected (maybe another FRP ?)

Raptors out: Anunoby, Dick, McDaniels, Schroder, 2026 FRP

Raptors in: Dame

Suns out: Ayton, Goodwin

Suns in: Nurk, K Porter, unprotected 2024 FRP from Houston (Brooklyn's pick)

Rockets out: K Porter, 2024 FRP

Rockets in: Schroder, Goodwin

Blazers get very good returns for their starting PG & C with two new starters, bench depth, and a FRP (save $2.3M)

Raptors go all in with Dame surrounded by better defenders (add $5.5M)

Suns get decent replacement starting center, salary relief next year (cut KPJ immediately), possible lottery pick next year (save $1.6M this year and cut KPJ's $16M next year)

Rockets get out from KPJ fiasco and get a replacement PG (save $1.5M)