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Wackiest Blazer’s Edge Mailbag Question Ever

What the heck? But ok.

DENVER NUGGETS VS PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS, NBA Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images

We’ve done the Blazer’s Edge Mailbag for years and years and years now. Sometimes the questions readers submit are insightful, sometimes full of pathos, other times just odd. Like this one. I don’t even know why we’re running with it, but let’s see what happens.


What kind of food are the Blazers right now? Seriously if you had to describe them as a food item, what would it be?


Weirdest. Question. Ever.

But ok. As much as I’d like to come up with a brilliantly creative answer, I’m going to say the Blazers right now are like the two pieces of bread left in the back of the bag, and one of them is the crust. The bread is somewhat stale, a little hard, but still edible. You know you’re gonna do something with it. You have a nice, new jar of jelly over there. It’s gonna be alright. But there’s no avoiding you’re at the end of the bag, and somewhere you need to get a new batch of ingredients. You’re just kinda looking forward to using up those last pieces so you can start on something new. Maybe a nice soufflé or something.

OK, Blazer’s Edge Readers. If ever a Mailbag cried out for group participation, it’s this one. What kind of food (or food product) would you describe the Blazers as, as of mid-September, 2023? Share in the comments section below!