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Blazers Have ‘Done More Talking’ in Damian Lillard Trade Circles Lately, Says Woj

The timeline to trade Damian Lillard could soon become accelerated for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Amanda Loman/Getty Images

With training camp just around the corner, the Portland Trail Blazers could soon begin to kick the tires on a Damian Lillard trade.

Since the beginning of September, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is saying that the Blazers have dug a little further in trying to trade Lillard.

“My sense is that the Blazers have done a lot more talking with teams in the last 10-14 days then they did in the month plus prior,” Woj said in an appearance on ESPN Friday. “I think Portland, what they’ve been trying to do is see how they can put together multi-team deals that would get them the assets they want.”

Lillard requested a trade on July 1 and has been vocal about wishing to be dealt to the Miami Heat. However, trade talks have stalled with the lack of activity going around the NBA. With training camp coming soon, it appears the Blazers seem more willing to make a move.

The Blazers begin training camp on Tuesday, Oct. 3.