Kevin Porter Jr. Attacks Girlfriend (Bet No NBA Player Speaks Out)

Well Kevin Porter Jr. crosses off another one of his bucket list goals, this time breaking bones of his girlfriend. Pretty sad news, and I hope that she is OK, and takes all his money from him. After the NBA finishes its investigation, we should likely see a similar suspension as to what another loser (Miles Bridges) got in the realm of 30 games. Maybe they will take a firmer stance based off that previous incident. But, one thing is for sure, we will see Porter back on an NBA team soon enough (talent trumps criminal behavior in the NBA), and their will likely be crickets from his NBA frat brothers denigrating this guy. At some point I hope these victims lawyer up and file a major lawsuit against the NBA for essentially protecting these violent players.

Remember - The NBA cares

"Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested after attacking his girlfriend inside a midtown Manhattan hotel room, according to senior law enforcement officials. Porter Jr. allegedly attacked the victim overnight Monday at the Millennium Hotel near Times Square. His girlfriend was taken to the hospital with at least one broken bone and bruising, law enforcement officials told NBC New York. The alleged incident began after the pair had been out. She returned to the room, but Porter Jr. got locked out, sources said, and the altercation escalated from there.