We ain't going broke with sentiment

Dame is owed 218 million dollars the next 4 years. Love his game and the countless memories he brought to Portland. But I’m a logical thinker. What exactly do the Blazers owe outside of his remaining dollars. I get it. Portland had to draft Scoot. Can’t have (16) 6’3" guards and 1 center on the roster. This whole notion that the organization owes it to Dame is not logical. Business wise it makes zero sense. From a competitive side makes total sense. We’re going younger and if he wants to "compete" then yes we should trade him. But you can’t handcuff your team and lower your market value so that your new team (Miami) can keep the majority of its assets in pursuit of a title.

Dame will always be an all time favorite to me. But let's be real here. Dame is a brilliant businessman. He's also a top notch human. Every single move he makes is calculated. And he's as loyal as it gets. Here's my perspective on his mindset.

He's 33. He's going to spend more time living off the court than he will have spent playing basketball. He's said it many times. He has several passions and many goals. Basketball is but a stepping stone in life for him. His first step if you will. He realizes the window of title chasing is done in Portland, he wanted a title here badly. But the stars just never aligned. We traded his best friend, he tore his abductor trying to win for us. But he's calculated. He sees it....he's not winning here and he's making the decision to break up and that should be applauded. You go your way...and I'll go mine. Let's not forget my earlier statement. He's a savvy businessman. His passion is making music and growing his brand. Where in the league outside of LA can an aspiring businessman and athlete, grow their brand. Miami, LA and New York. So he's choosing pursuit of basketball goal and personal goal. That's great. I can see how that works out.....

But I don't think Portland owes it to him. He's getting paid, hell hes made nearly half a billion dollars off the Blazers. They owe him nothing. There's no sentiment in business. It makes sense or it doesn't. Sentiment is how you go broke. And in this instance Joe Cronin doesn't want to be seen as the GM that gave a franchise player away. I do like players from Miami. I'd take Orlando Robinson, Nikola Jovic and a couple picks with Cap filler. That's fair. But is that what is being offered....Who knows. I just hope it's all resolved soon so that we can all move on. The players I listed below would be a great starting point for any rebuilding franchise. Win or loss they'd be fun to watch. Trade Herro and Grant later down the road for more win later talent.










Dame and his agent know that Miami is looking at a 3 year window max title run. Dame and Jimmy will both age out of their prime. I’d assume the conversation was like this.

Dame: Aaron, Joe made zero deals, turned down all trades and drafted my replacement.

Aaron: Doesn’t look good, let’s see what happens in Free Agency.

Dame: Bet

Joe Cronin (midnight) start of free agency: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dame: bruh only players left are Christan Wood and Moses Brown

Aaron: trade request?

Dame: send it… I’m done

Aaron: I’ll get Pat on the phone

Pat Riley: Dame I hear you’re ready for a change. We’d love to have you. We don’t have much to offer and don’t want to give up players or picks so we can make a run. Need you to run interference so we’re not bidding against anyone else.

Dame: Bet I’ll announce it publicly. Shut the rest of the league down.

Aaron: Dame won’t play for anyone but the Heat!

Dame: perfect… trade me Joe

Joe Cronin: I want 7 picks

Pat Riley: I have 1 maybe two and Tyler Herro

Joe Cronin: Already have 3 scoring guards and we need defense. Do better.

Pat Riley: No

Joe Cronin: Orlando Robinson looked good in summer league. Throw in him and Jovic.

Pat Riley: can’t trade him (Robinson) till 9/29

Joe: Cronin: Good that will give you time to find a 3rd team for Tyler Herro

Pat Riley: But I’d like to have dame settled in Miami before we start camp

Adam Silver: Dame will play for whomever when I approve Portland’s trade.

Dame: (making rap videos in DR)….

Dame: Blazers who

Joe Cronin: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pat Riley: Joe you still there