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Share Your Favorite Eyewitness Trail Blazers Moment

Which big event in Trail Blazers history did you get the chance to watch?

Portland Trail Blazers v Orlando Magic Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

We’re about to flip the calendar on yet another month in the Portland Trail Blazers summer. August is slipping by, leaving just September fallow (give or take some Media Day follies) before the new season begins again in October 2023.

Before we exit the eighth month of the year, and the penultimate of the summer, let’s bring out one more big discussion question.

As a Portland Trail Blazers fan, you’ve no doubt watched hundreds of games on TV, maybe even a few in the arena as well. If we were to ask for votes on the greatest overall moment in franchise history, we’d get narrowed down to a handful of suggestions. Instead, we’re using the filters of your viewership and taste to expand the list. We want to know what is your favorite Blazers moment among those you’ve actually watched on television or in person?

Note that your moment doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge one on the franchise scale. It only matters that it’s your favorite. Memories can be grand, quirky, quiet, or anything in between, as long as they’re yours.

So share below, in the comment section which Trail Blazers moments were your favorite among those you witnessed in person, and enjoy reading each other’s!