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What If Blazers Played All 4 Top Guards?

Imagine a Portland Trail Blazers lineup with Damian Lillard, Scoot Henderson, Shaedon Sharpe and Anfernee Simons together on the floor.

NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One could argue that the four best players on the Portland Trail Blazers roster are all in the backcourt. Yes, that includes Damian Lillard, who is still very much on the team.

It may not be wise to play them all at once, but in the position-less NBA and given how fluid lineups have become, Chauncey Billups may have an opportunity to play Lillard alongside Scoot Henderson, Anfernee Simons and Shaedon Sharpe next season with Jerami Grant at the “center” spot.

Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey hypothesized what that lineup may look like.

The Portland Trail Blazers figure to eventually trade Damian Lillard, but each passing week makes a deal feel slightly less likely.

If he’s still on the roster when the season starts, Portland can roll out lineups that are loaded with playmaking by teaming Lillard with Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons.

To lean into the high-speed, offense-first philosophy of that three-player backcourt, we’ll round this lineup out with Shaedon Sharpe as the nominal 4 and Jerami Grant as a small-ball 5.

These five would likely get scored on at will, but they’d also be pouring points in on the other end. In small bursts, it might be feasible.

It certainly would be a difficult lineup to defend, but the fivesome would likely have similar struggles in how to defend a taller team, especially given the fact that this group isn’t particularly strong on the defensive end.

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