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Scoot Henderson Strong Candidate for NBA Rookie of the Year

Victor Wembanyama looms large, but there’s a chance.

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images

Victor Wembanyama may be the darling of the 2023 NBA Draft class, but Portland Trail Blazers guard Scoot Henderson has a legitimate chance to walk away with the 2024 Rookie of the Year Award, according to an ESPN poll. The four-letter network asked its staff experts to vote on likely candidates for league-wide awards, and Henderson figured favorably among first-year players.

Here’s the rundown of results for Rookie of the Year:

  1. Chet Holmgren (Oklahoma City Thunder) 80 points, 34.6% of first place votes
  2. Victor Wembanyama (San Antonio Spurs) 77 points, 41.3% of first place votes
  3. Scoot Henderson (Portland Trail Blazers) 53 points, 15.4% of first place votes
  4. Amen Thompson (Houston Rockets) 15 points, 7.7% of first place votes
  5. Brandon Miller (Charlotte Hornets) 5 points, 7.7% of first place votes
  6. Ausar Thompson (Detroit Pistons) 4 points, 4.8% of first place votes

Chet Holmgren was drafted in 2022 but he missed his scheduled inaugural campaign with a leg injury. He will be eligible for Rookie of the Year status this season.