Questions of Strategy

So Lillard surprised everyone with his one team stunt helping to create quite a situation. Until he says otherwise, it’s hard to imagine a team not named Miami making an offer. So, Miami came in low and expects Portland to negotiate. Thus far, Cronin is holding off, suggesting he has all the time in the world. There are several unanswered questions of strategy:

1. How long should Portland wait in search of a different destination for Lillard?

2. Does Miami have a package worth settling for?

If so, what is it?

3. At what point, if ever, should Portland sit down with Miami?

I like the idea of sitting down with Miami just before the season starts. Set a high bar for a deal and be ready to start the season with Lillard if Miami says no.

Miami: Lillard, Nurkic*

Portland: Jaquez, Jovic, Lowry, three 1st’s, and a prospect from another team (ex. Clowney, Nnaji, Dieng, Koloko, maybe Dick or Hendricks with additional assets from MIA/POR)

Third Team: Herro, Martin*, MIA 2nd*, POR Veteran *

(*if necessary)

So? What should Cronin’s strategy be?