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Anfernee Simons Comments on Damian Lillard Trade Situation

Portland’s other starting guard shares his views.

Chicago Bulls v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

Damian Lillard’s trade request has dominated NBA news cycles all summer long. We’ve heard from media members, analysts, agents, high-placed NBA sources, and even the league itself, all weighing in on the possibility of a move for the high-profile star.

Despite that, we haven’t heard much from Lillard’s teammates with the Portland Trail Blazers. As fall approaches and workouts get underway, players will begin to congregate in Portland again, opening up the opportunity.

Today the Oregonian’s Aaron Fentress posted a video clip in which Lillard’s backcourt mate Anfernee Simons shared his thoughts on the request. Here’s the tweet:

Simons’ comments follow. The audio quality is, frankly, horrible, with background noise and microphone distance making words hard to hear. This is the best transcript we could manage.

Like I always said, I never get myself involved in anything that doesn’t involve me directly, so whatever is being said in the media, I’m learning too. A lot of people are asking me that question, obviously, growing up with Dame. They say he asked for a trade. He asked for a trade. That was it. Obviously me and Dame have a close relationship. I’m always going to support him no matter what he decides to do, so it’s always going to be family, whatever the concept is.

When asked if he was sad about the potential departure, Simons responded:

Obviously it’s going to be a sad day for sure. I was hoping one day I would ask for his signed jersey when he retired from Portland. If he ends up somewhere else, I’m going to have to ask for it before. He taught me so much about the game, how to be a to work, how to be a professional, how to carry yourself in this type of environment, how to handle success. He’s taught me a lot of things that [set me up? indistinct]. Obviously those lessons will be missed. I hope I’ll carry all those things he’s taught me to other young players as well. It’s always paying it forward. That’s what most of my NBA [indistinct] have always said.