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What Is Your Basketball Dream?

We analyze the sport during the day, but some of us do at night too!

Phoenix Suns v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

This summer, as we’re waiting breathlessly for the latest update on the Damian Lillard non-trade situation, we’re tackling a few abstract and unusual subjects. Fair warning: today’s is going to be out there. I want to know what your basketball dreams are about.

Hold up for a minute, though. I’m not asking about your basketball wish list. Let’s face it, you’ve got a sweet jumper and if you were just a little bit faster/taller/younger then you, too, could suit up in the NBA...your ultimate dream. And right next to that is the Portland Trail Blazers winning a championship and thanking you, personally, for being their biggest supporter, carrying them to the prize. I get it.

When I say “basketball dreams”, I mean literally DREAMS. Like, do you ever dream about basketball when you sleep? If so, what happens in those dreams?

I’ve got to tell you, I often dream about hoops and related matters. Last night, I had a doozy. A whole bunch a people, maybe a hundred per side, were facing off on a huge indoor court. There were just two buckets, but swarms of people ran everywhere. I was on the Trail Blazers side, of course. The opponent was a whole bunch of Phoenix Suns folks.

There may have been some anxiety in the dream, as I remember wanting to make a decisive pass. With that many people on the floor, even finding someone open was an exercise in chaos! I remember clearly, though, that Dan Majerle was coaching the Phoenix side (which, frankly, needed a lot of help). He was strutting around with a clipboard, looking all cocky. So I said, “Dan Majerle! Congratulations on being the 11th best guy in Phoenix between 1988-1995! Oh wait, Eddie Johnson exists. Make that 12th.”

He sneered at me. After that, I fed a 12-year-old kid for a layup. Score one for the good guys.

Anyways, that’s how my weird nocturnal life goes. Are any of the rest of you so wrapped up in the Blazers or basketball that you literally dream about them? If so, share in the comments!