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Blazers’ Damian Lillard ‘Just Wouldn’t Go’ If Traded to a Team Other Than Heat

It’s clear that Damian Lillard has his sights set on the Miami Heat after requesting to be traded by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard has made it clear: he wants to be traded to the Miami Heat.

Reports have surfaced that his agent, Aaron Goodwin, is telling other teams that it isn’t worth trading for him since his top preferred destination is the Miami Heat.

And now, an additional report from Sportsnaut’s Mark Medina is doubling down on that statement.

“He just wouldn’t go,” a person familiar with Lillard’s thinking told Sportsnaut. “He just wouldn’t report.”

The report also states that Lillard hopes to honor his contract for the upcoming season, but that Dame hopes he plays his next game with his new team.

The person stressed that the Damian Lillard is “not a disruptor” and wants to honor his contract in the 2023-24 season. But even if he doesn’t have a no-trade clause after agreeing to a two-year, $122 million extension that keeps him under contract through the 2026-27 season, Lillard has hoped for the Blazers to accommodate his trade request out of respect for both his resume and for his contributions to the Blazers’ franchise.

The biggest hurdle for Dame to get to Miami is the Heat’s potential trade package, which likely would be centered around Tyler Herro.

Herro isn’t a bad player, but with Shaedon Sharpe, Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons already in the backcourt, the Blazers would prefer to have a frontcourt player as the centerpiece in any trade for Dame.

That’s why other teams have been putting their hats in the ring, but this push from Dame’s camp to prevent that from happening is strong, leading to what could be a very long stalemate between Lillard and the front office.