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Which Trail Blazers Player Do You Miss Most?

Everybody moves on eventually. Who do you wish you had back?

Los Angeles Clippers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

When Damian Lillard gets traded, whether that’s this week or next year, Portland Trail Blazers fans will mourn the passing of an era. Eulogies for his Portland career with be everywhere, including here at this site. It’s guaranteed that, at some point in the season after he departs, Blazers fans will wish he was back.

We know these things because, frankly, the sentiment isn’t new. One of the hard parts about professional sports is saying goodbye to players you love. Nothing lasts forever. Rival GM’s or Father Time, somebody is going to take away your favorite.

As we contemplate these things on a hot, lazy, late-July afternoon, let’s do a bit of sharing. Which Trail Blazers player do you miss most? Don’t worry about fit on the floor or bringing back someone to help the current team to a championship. This is a purely personal, gut-level emotional question, particular to each individual. If you could do an “I Dream of Jeanie” blink or Samantha Stevens nose twitch and have one player suit up again in his prime, who would it be?

Share below in the comment section, enjoying each other’s choices and stories!