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Blazers’ Shaedon Sharpe: ‘Bounciest’ NBA Athlete?

Shaedon Sharpe was selected with the No. 7 overall pick by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2022 NBA Draft.

2023 NBA Summer League - Portland Trail Blazers v Houston Rockets Photo by Ryan Stetz/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers may be entering the unknown after Damian Lillard requested a trade, but they will have a leg or two to stand on if and when he’s dealt.

Some may argue that the Blazers began a “quiet rebuild,” last year when Portland selected Shaedon Sharpe with the No. 7 overall pick.

Sharpe was a slow burner in his rookie season after adjusting to life in the NBA following a year where he sat out of collegiate basketball, but he began to get things going later in his first professional campaign.

“Even in a league littered with world-class athletes, Sharpe might be the bounciest of the bunch,” Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley writes. “He is more than just a source of viral highlights, though. He did a lot more than dunking while averaging 23.7 points on 46/37.8/77.3 shooting over the final 10 tilts of his rookie season.”

Sharpe’s athleticism is a lot of what creates his upside, but he’s able to use that to build his entire game.

He’s like a toolbox. He has a lot of unique qualities that could make him a star shooting guard in the NBA, but he isn’t so sure how to exactly use those tools. With the help of the coaching staff and Scoot Henderson as his point guard, Sharpe is well-equipped to bounce into the category of some of the best shooting guards in the game in a few years’ time.