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Magic ‘Open to Trading Up’; Should Blazers Entertain?

The Portland Trail Blazers have the No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft, something the Orlando Magic covets.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Orlando Magic Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers have one of the league’s top assets with the No. 3 pick, a selection which would likely land them Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller or Amen Thompson in the NBA Draft.

However, the Blazers may not want to keep the pick and instead trade it to acquire a veteran that can help Damian Lillard win a championship sooner.

According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, a team that could be interested in the No. 3 pick is the Orlando Magic.

“There’s a belief around the league that Orlando is open to moving the No. 6 and No. 11 picks if the Magic can move into the 3-5 range,” HoopsHype writes.

While Orlando may be interested in moving up, the problem lies in the fact that Portland doesn’t want to move back. Ultimately, the Blazers are looking for a player that can help the team win now.

While the Magic has a lot of intriguing assets, none of them fit the bill for what the Blazers are seeking. Perhaps the Blazers would be interested in Franz Wagner or Paolo Banchero, but those two are not leaving Orlando anytime soon. The other assets the Magic could offer aren’t enough of a needle-mover for the Blazers.

However, if the Magic and Blazers could find a third team with that coveted asset Portland is seeking, then a conversation could be had. That being said, the market is very scarce for teams like that right now.

Teams that have already sold their future for win-now pieces — Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers — aren’t exactly willing to part ways with their big fish right now to replenish those selections. Teams like the Blazers on the precipice of a rebuild — Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Clippers — have shown an unwillingness to trade their key pieces as well.

Even though Orlando and Portland has mutual interest, a lot of development will have to take place between now and draft night for the Magic and Blazers to find a third team to get the ball rolling on a trade.