Proactive and Reactive

It seems to me that the teams that contend, the teams that do well, even in the face of changes in fortune, are proactive. They are willing to trade the popular piece to get the right piece. Aaron Gordon, KCP, Bruce Brown, these kinds of pieces. Also Pat Riley is one of the most proactive GMs there are....not all of us attempts are winners, but he keeps going for it and he keeps getting pay offs....

Portland on the other hand holds onto it's beloved pieces like constipation, and almost never, since I have been a fan back in 2005 or so, have they collected the pieces needed to compete.

This is how we have gone through Dame's era. Reactive. Reactive with LMA, with 2016 free agency, with CJ, with Norm and Covington, and now we are being held hostage by Dame himself. Not his intention, it is just the weakness of the upper management and the inability to make real moves proactively.

An example of a proactive move right now? Let's say we were in Love with Scoot. Right now, we may get him and then again maybe Charlotte will pick him. A proactive team would ensure they would get him, if he was truly a potential face of a franchise. Trade Dame for pieces, and then trade 3 plus some of those pieces for 2 and voila, we have Scoot. This is a proactive approach. We don't wait for what Charlotte is going to do, we get Charlotte to do what we want them to do.