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Trail Blazers Work Out Scoot Henderson

Portland welcomes a major draft prospect to workouts.

NBA: G League Next Up Game Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are working out highly-touted point guard Scoot Henderson of the G League Unite in preparation for the 2023 NBA Draft today. Henderson is expected to be one of the premier picks in the upcoming draft, along with consensus first-overall selection Victor Wembanyama and small forward Brandon Miller. Henderson and Miller are the most likely choices at the position Portland will select, third overall. The Charlotte Hornets, who pick second, are expected to take one of the the pair off the table, leaving the remaining star for Portland (or whichever team trades into that position).

The Blazers announced the event via Twitter.

Very few teams will get a chance to look at the 6’2 guard, who scored 17.6 points with 6.6 assists and 5.1 rebounds during the 2022-23 G League season. You can find our complete draft profile of Henderson here. Pick and roll play, pull-up jump shooting, and defense are cited as strengths, along with his trademark athleticism:

Scoot Henderson combines elite athleticism and a cerebral approach to lead-guard duties. Buoyed by an explosive first step, Henderson’s film pops from the moment it starts. He effortlessly blows by defenders, powers through contact in the paint, and finishes attempts above the rim. His speed and penchant for getting vertical make him an absolute menace in the open court. Henderson can rise to the cup with a short runway and can do so off of either leg. When he isn’t going for a poster-worthy dunk, he carefully shields the ball with his body to convert contested layups. Henderson’s downhill scoring ability is more than just pure athleticism, though. He controls the pace the entire way. From carefully timed direction changes to stopping on dime, Henderson is an expert at creating separation.

The 2023 NBA Draft will be held on Thursday, June 22nd.


Hat tip to reader BlazedBeaver for pointing out pictures of the event the Blazers posted today.