What Would You Do If You Had The Money Shaedon Sharpe Is Earning From His Rooky Contract?

Shaedon made $6,012,960 this last season and will have a qualifying offer for his continued services from the Blazers in 2026 that will total $11,264,377. That’s an average of $6,835,226 per year for the first four years in the league that this kid will get for putting a little round ball into a slightly bigger hoop for eight or nine months out of the year. Now of course this is chicken feed compared to the two year extension Lillard recently received when he signed a $225,000,000 contract for two more years of his time, adding to his already massive bank account.

But to help us get through the dog days of summer that are quickly approaching, just for grins let’s play that old game "What would you do with your money if you were a filthy stinkin’ rich multi millionaire?" Would you put it all in the bank and still live a pretty frugal yet comfortable life off of the interest? Would you invest some of it in order to let your money make you money? And if so, what do you think would be a smart investment right now to avoid being added to that long list of professional athletes who have been forced to declare bankruptcy because of being part of poor business ventures? And very important to some, what would be the big splurge you would make that you have always wanted and can now pay cash for it?

Go ahead and weigh in below on how you would spend Shaedon’s money if it was actually yours. And also if you have been able to bank a little scratch through the years because of making some good sound financial choices since graduating from high school, where let’s face it most of us were just as broke as the next person, let us know what you did to get there. Who knows, maybe the 99% of us working stiffs who live in th real world might be able to actually follow your lead and not have to live paycheck to paycheck.

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