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Scoot Henderson Has No Animosity with Hornets, Brandon Miller: ‘I Move With Love’

Portland Trail Blazers top pick Scoot Henderson is ready to put the draft process behind him and get to work with his new team.

Twins Ausar and Amen Thompson become first brothers selected in top 10 in same year Photo by Selcuk Acar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The 2023 NBA Draft will likely be defined by two things when people look back on it: Victor Wembanyama and the debate at No. 2 between Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson.

Many pegged Henderson and Miller as rivals given the Charlotte Hornets’ back-and-forth decision-making between the two. Ultimately, Miller was Charlotte’s pick, but Henderson holds no animosity towards his draft classmate.

I’m glad to see Brandon go there. I’m pretty sure it’s a great fit for him. That’s how I move. I move with love. I’m not mad that I didn’t go 2 or I didn’t go 1. I’m blessed to go 3, and to be here with my family with me.

Many Hornets fans were rather frustrated with the Miller selection as he was showered with boos from the team’s draft party in Charlotte. That left Portland to take Henderson.

Whether or not the Blazers keep Henderson or trade him in a package this summer to help build a stronger contender around Damian Lillard is one thing, but regardless, the No. 3 overall pick is going to continue focusing on himself and getting better.

I didn’t really pay too much attention to that. I paid attention to what mattered and that was the work that went into being here to this day. If they do decide to trade or do whatever with the pick, man, I’m just going to continue to work, control what I can.

Henderson’s next step comes with the Las Vegas Summer League, which begins in two weeks on July 7 against the Houston Rockets.