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2023 NBA Draft Open Thread: Picks 1-58 In Order, As They Happen

Talk about the Trail Blazers and all the other draft picks here!

2020 NBA Draft Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2023 NBA Draft is here! The Portland Trail Blazers sit third in the draft order, waiting to see whether Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller will fall to them after the San Antonio Spurs select center Victor Wembanyama from France and the Charlotte Hornets choose between the pair just mentioned. Amen Thompson is reportedly a wildcard outsider for Portland’s pick as well. Then, of course, we need to see whether the Blazers are selecting for themselves or whether they’ll trade the pick.

It’ll be the most exciting draft night in recent memory for the Blazers and you get to ride alongside with all your Blazer’s Edge friends! This thread will remain open throughout the evening. The comment section is for you to have fun in. Please avoid swearing and trolling as you do so.

We’ll be around with updates and analysis during and after the draft! As you’re biding your time, here are our draft previews of Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, and Amen Thompson...near mandatory reading if you want to understand what’s at stake in the choice.

Have fun, and Happy Draft Day, 2023!

First Round

1 San Antonio Spurs — Victor Wembanyama, France

2 Charlotte Hornets — Brandon Miller, Alabama

3 Portland Trail Blazers — Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite

4 Houston Rockets — Amen Thompson, Overtime Elite

5 Detroit Pistons — Ausar Thompson, Overtime Elite

6 Orlando Magic — Anthony Black, Arkansas

7 Indiana Pacers — Bilal Coulibaly, France (traded to Wizards)

8 Washington Wizards — Jarace Walker, Houston (traded to Pacers)

9 Utah Jazz — Taylor Hendricks, Central Florida

10 Dallas Mavericks — Cason Wallace, Kentucky (traded to Thunder)

11 Orlando Magic (from Chicago) — Jett Howard, Michigan

12 Oklahoma City Thunder — Dereck Lively, Duke (traded to Mavericks)

13 Toronto Raptors — Gradey Dick, Kansas

14 New Orleans Pelicans — Jordan Hawkins, Connecticut

15 Atlanta Hawks — Kobe Bufkin, Michigan

16 Utah Jazz (from Minnesota) — Keyonte George, Baylor

17 Los Angeles Lakers — Jalen Hood-Schifino, Indiana

18 Miami Heat — Jaime Jaquez Jr., UCLA

19 Golden State Warriors — Brandin Podziemski, Santa Clara

20 Houston Rockets (from Los Angeles Clippers) — Cam Whitmore, Villanova

21 Brooklyn Nets (from Phoenix) — Noah Clowney, Alabama

22 Brooklyn Nets — Dariq Whitehead, Duke

23 Portland Trail Blazers (from New York)

24 Sacramento Kings

25 Boston Celtics (from Memphis)

26 Indiana Pacers (from Cleveland)

27 Charlotte Hornets (from Denver via New York and Oklahoma City)

28 Utah Jazz (from Philadelphia via Brooklyn)

29 Denver Nuggets (from Indiana via Boston)

30 Los Angeles Clippers (from Milwaukee via Houston)

Second Round

31 Detroit Pistons

32 Denver Nuggets (from Indiana via Houston)

33 San Antonio Spurs

34 Charlotte Hornets (from Charlotte via Philadelphia and Atlanta)

35 Washington Wizards (from Boston via Portland via Atlanta, Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit and Cleveland)

36 Orlando Magic

37 Denver Nuggets (from Oklahoma City via Washington and New Orleans)

38 Sacramento Kings (from Indiana)

39 Charlotte Hornets (from Utah via New York)

40 Los Angeles Lakers (from Indiana via Denver, Dallas and Oklahoma City)

41 Charlotte Hornets (from Oklahoma City via New York and Boston)

42 Washington Wizards (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers and Washington)

43 Portland Trail Blazers (from Atlanta)

44 San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto)

45 Memphis Grizzles (from Minnesota)

46 Atlanta Hawks (from New Orleans)

47 Indiana Pacers (from Los Angeles Lakers)

48 Los Angeles Clippers

49 Cleveland Cavaliers (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans)

50 Oklahoma City Thunder (from Miami via Boston, Memphis and Dallas)

51 Brooklyn Nets

52 Phoenix Suns

53 Minnesota Timberwolves (from New York via Charlotte)

54 Sacramento Kings

55 Indiana Pacers (from Cleveland via Milwaukee and Detroit)

56 Memphis Grizzlies

Forfeited by Chicago (from Denver via Cleveland )

Forfeited by Philadelphia

57 Washington Wizards (from Boston via Charlotte)

58 Milwaukee Bucks