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NBA Draft: Scoot Henderson ‘Gaining Serious Momentum’ for Hornets’ No. 2 Pick

The Charlotte Hornets could be looking to select Scoot Henderson, which could put the Portland Trail Blazers in a tricky situation.

NBA: Combine David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The mystery at the top of the NBA Draft will be solved tonight and the Portland Trail Blazers are affected with the No. 3 pick.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Charlotte Hornets are moving closer to making their decision.

Sources: Scoot Henderson is gaining serious momentum at No. 2 with the Charlotte Hornets in tonight’s NBA draft. Hornets have been torn over the last week between Henderson and Brandon MIller. Team has final meetings today to settle on decision.

This report contradicts some of the earlier reports in the week that linked Brandon Miller to the Hornets with the No. 2 pick. If Henderson is the Hornets’ pick at No. 2, it would likely leave the Blazers to take Miller with the No. 3 selection barring any trades.

The Blazers could also opt to take Overtime Elite point guard Amen Thompson with the No. 3 pick. Thompson, along with his twin Ausar, visited Portland for a workout a few weeks ago.

Teams are looking to trade up for Henderson, but if the Hornets selected him at No. 2, it could severely diminish the possibility of a deal being made for Miller. There is interest in Miller from other teams, but the price to trade up with the Blazers may be too much to ask.

If the Blazers don’t conjure up a trade, it is in their best interest to take the best player available, and if Henderson and Victor Wembanyama aren’t there, Miller should be the top option.