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Scoot Henderson Says He’s Ready to Play for the Blazers and “Kill It”

The point guard expects to excel no matter where he lands.

G-League Ignite v College Park Skyhawks Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images

Scoot Henderson is expected to be the third player selected in the 2023 NBA Draft, falling to the Portland Trail Blazers after French center Victor Wembanyama and Alabama forward Brandon Miller are selected earlier. If that comes about, Henderson will be joining a team with accomplished point guard Damian Lillard at the helm.

That would cause concerns about roster fit, or evoke intimidation, for many players. Henderson showed no signs of such in a media interview recorded by Washington Post writer Ben Golliver, posted on Twitter today.

Henderson’s money quote: “I’m ready to contribute wherever I go. I think I could help Dame… Whatever play time I get, I’m going to go in there and kill.”

The draft will take place tomorrow, June 22nd, beginning at 5:00 PM, Pacific.