Hot Take Big Board

This Big Board for the upcoming draft is 100% a knee-jerk reaction to what I've been seeing in the playoffs this year. It's still Best Player Available, but the potential of being useful in the playoffs, not just the regular season, is weighted much more heavily. Feel free to comment as you see fit, I did not put a ton of work into this.

1. Wemby

2. Amen Thompson

3. Ausar Thompson (I might flip the twins, it's very close)

4. Taylor Hendricks

5. Jarace Walker

6. Cam Whitmore

7. Brandon Miller

8. Scoot Henderson

I was still a firm believer in Scoot as the clear 2nd pick until the first game of the finals. I can't overlook his poor defense and shooting anymore. At least the Twins are solid everywhere else except shooting, which makes them more valuable in my eyes. Scoot's intangibles are incredible, but his tangibles are pretty rough. Hopefully, working with Steph Curry will help him raise his shooting numbers, but I don't have any faith in his defense. At least his intensity will be there, but intensity doesn't make up for being 6'2".