Amen Thompson Shooting and Turnover Compilations

I’ll be frank, I do not think Amen is a great prospect. I’ve been vocal about my dislike for OTE. I think him and his brother (who I think is likely to have more NBA success) have a steep learning curve but I think they’ll work hard once there.

This was taken from a RealGM post and wanted to share because most videos on prospects are highlight videos. Scouting report videos sometimes aren’t thorough enough and it’s rare to find full game tape or even videos with all possessions.

So here is what seems like chronological compilations for Amen’s 3pt shooting, his 2pt shooting and all turnovers. Lots to discuss but his 3pt shoot is atrocious and really really needs work. His turnovers aren’t just off errant passes but also off poor handles and driving into defenders. He plays with alot of flash and often times tries to make the home run pass versus the simple one.

The videos also reaffirm that there really is zero offensive structure in OTE.


3pt Compilation

2pt Compilation

Turnover Compilation