Get Bol Bol and Cam Johnson

Blazers could trade #3 and Nassir for Bol Bol and #11.

Blazers could trade #11 and Anfernee for #21 and Cam Johnson.

Draft Kris Murray at #21 and Zach Edey at #23.

Lineups could look like this:

Dame, Sharpe, K. Johnson

Sharpe, Thybulle, K. Johnson

C.Johnson, Grant, Murray

Grant, Bol Bol, Watford/Walker/Butler

Nurkic, Edey, Eubanks/Badji

The defense should be a major improvement from 2022-23.

The offense might even improve.

Do either of the Magic or Nets say no?

Would the Blazers be good enough and balanced enough to compete?

The offense flows through Dame, Sharpe, Grant, and Nurkic without too much drop off into the second unit.

The Blazers go from being ultra short to ultra-long and tall.