How Important Is It To Be A Loyal Fan Of A Professional Team?

Damian Lillard is one of the few modern day NBA players that has been loyal to the team that drafted him out of tiny Weber State. Jeff Green on the other hand has been with 11 different teams in 16 years. So the question to ponder is does Dame have more of a claim to being an example of professionalism, or would you consider Jeff the one to point to as being more professional because of his willingness to constantly adapt to not only a plethora of different teams on a regular basis, but different cities too as he has to uproot his family each time he changes teams?

Which leads to a question each one of us can ask ourselves. Are we more loyal to our team than let’s say Golden State fans who some are only there for the championship parades but will disappear to follow a different team if the Warriors revert back to the days when their monicker was bottom feeders? This could very well happen as key players from those championship teams continue to age out or sign somewhere else.

And like diehard LeBron fans will reason, he had to jump around to different teams because he’s such a great player and so smart he knew that he needed to surround himself with certain other really good players in order to win championships. So If James is so smart and great by doing his leapfrog approach to what will end up being a Hall of Fame career, is Dame not so bright because of him deciding to stay with the Blazers all these years and missing the playoffs the last two? And by extension for us fans of Portland, some on here who have made this commitment since the first game ever played in the Memorial Colasium, is there something wrong with our thinking because we haven’t moved on to a different team that has a better shot at winning it all?

Please give your thoughts on this subject below.